Thirtieth Kiss

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About the Thirtieth Kiss

Damian, who has just returned to Oakdale, sees Luke and Noah kissing when Luke is released from the hospital following his hit-and-run.

This kiss aired on March 26, 2009.

Notable Quotes

Noah: Okay, I am gonna go to Java, and I’m gonna get someone to cover my shift, and I’m gonna be over to your place as soon as I can, okay?
Luke: Yeah, will you hurry? I’m afraid they’re gonna smother me to death.
Noah: Hey. Don’t talk about death.
Luke: What? I just got hit by a car.
Noah: Yeah, and thankfully, you’ve got a head that’s hard enough to take it.
Luke: Ow.
Noah: I love you.
Luke: I love you, too.

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