Quotes From April 2009

This is a collection of quotes from most of the episodes in the Luke/Noah storyline. Below is a list of quotes from episodes that aired in April 2009!

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April 2, 2009

Noah: Oh! Couldn’t you have just e-mailed me?
Luke: Yeah, if you ever check your e-mail.
Noah: I check my e-mail.
Luke: No, you don’t.

Noah: Some of the things Damian’s done in the past have been really awful. I understand that.
Luke: No, no, you don’t. If you did, you couldn’t sit there and ask me to give him another chance.
Noah: I really think he’s being sincere this time.
Luke: Noah, it’s just an act. Trust me, the last thing Damian Grimaldi is sincere.
Noah: He told me all he wants is the chance to make things up to you.
Luke: Yeah, well, last time he was here, all he wanted was the chance to make me straight. You know, he can’t make up for that.
Noah: Yeah, well, if you won’t let him.
Luke: Look, Noah, I know that you’d love for me to say, “Damian, I forgive you,” but trust me, it’s not that easy!
Noah: If my dad was still alive and he wanted a real relationship with me –
Luke: Oh, no, I have a real relationship with my dad! And so do you. He’s the guy you call Holden Snyder. But as far as Damian goes, I have given him enough chances. I am done, okay?
Noah: Okay.

Luke: Well, something that’s not so obvious, Z, is that he’s taken.

Noah: And then that happened!

Noah: Love you.
Luke: Love you, too.

Luke: Yeah, but what if we never know? Am I supposed to just go in hiding, hide who I am and what I stand for in case somebody doesn’t like it and tries to retaliate?

Luke: Are you all right?
Noah: Yeah, I’m fine.
Luke: Oh, there’s blood all over your shirt.
Noah: It’s Damian’s.
Luke: Are you sure? Oh, baby, baby, you’re shaking.

Noah: No, no. Luke, Damian said – he thinks the people who – who did this to him, they weren’t after him. They were after you.
Luke: What?
Noah: If this happened to you, if this was your blood on my shirt –
Luke: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Its okay, it’s okay. I’m okay. Do you want to – do you want to go somewhere? Let’s get you out of here.

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April 7, 2009

Luke: We should get you to direct it!
Noah: No. That would be nepotism.
Luke: Oh, come on. You’re part of the foundation, too.
Noah: No. But this is about housing discrimination and hate crimes. We don’t want to make it about my directing career.
Luke: Yeah, but I want to help everybody, including my boyfriend.

Zac: Hey, monster. What’s up?
Noah: Who’s monster?
Zoe: It means Zac is into you. It’s kind of like a term of endearment.
Luke: Like “He has a monster crush.”

Zac: We’re both like that.
Noah: You mean insane?

Zac: What’s the matter, Noah? Have you never been kissed before? I’m gonna have to speak to that boyfriend of yours. He must be falling down on the job.

Luke: No big deal? Last time you saw someone kiss me, you punched him in the face.

Luke: I’m sorry. It’s just, between walking in on Damian and my mother and hearing that Zac was kissing you, I’m rattled!
Noah: You don’t have to worry about me and Zac ever – ever!
Luke: I believe you.
Noah: Zoe’s crushing on you, too, you know.
Luke: Trust me, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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April 9, 2009

Noah: You are working so hard, I figured you could already use a refill.
Luke: Well, I could also use some inspiration.
Noah: Really? I could help you with that.

Zac: Oh, wait a second, lover boy. You got to see this.
Noah: It’s Noah. The name’s Noah. You should try using it sometimes, Zac.

Luke: I would love to get a look at Damian’s face when he gets a load of this.
Noah: So, you think by humiliating the guy, he’s gonna suddenly see the error of his ways?
Luke: No. But nothing will. Damian hates the fact that his son is gay. Nothing’s gonna change that.
Noah: Yeah, but we’re playing into it, Luke.
Luke: Yeah, by making a statement.
Noah: A statement? This is a bratty prank.

Noah: I just don’t see why it has to be so extreme. Your mother tolerates him. I mean, she’s a good judge of character.
Luke: Yeah, but she was in love with him.
Noah: Yeah, so?
Luke: So? Okay, if we ever broke up, even if it was 20 years form now, even if you had dumped me, even if you had betrayed me, you’d still get to me, Noah.

Luke: Look, I know you don’t like the way I treat Damian.
Noah: I just don’t like what it does to you. I mean, if you don’t care about the guy, don’t think about him all the time and how much you hate him. Just don’t think about him at all.
Luke: I would only tell this to you.
Noah: What? What is it?
Luke: Every day, I have to remind myself of the kind of person that Damian really is, of all the terrible things that he’s done to hurt me.
Noah: So he doesn’t trick you again?
Luke: I thought I was so lucky, that he loved me, that he accepted me. And now, I just have to keep my guard up because if I let it down and let him back in –
Noah: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. We won’t let that happen, okay?

Luke: You can’t get rid of Zac and Zoe. Unofficially, they work for me.
Noah: They can still work for you. I just don’t want to see them or talk to them.
Luke: Noah, are you gonna act like this all day? Okay, then I should probably go.
Noah: Well, if that’s what you want.
Luke: No, what I want is for you to stop acting like they shot your dog. It was a stupid practical joke.

Noah: No, I got to say this. I don’t know what your problem with Damian is, but he’s a human being. And what gives you the right to make insulting him your life’s mission?
Zac: Yikes.
Zoe: You are so uptight compared to Luke.
Zac: Yeah, but it’s good, you know – yin and yang.

Zoe: What’s your sign?
Noah: Are you not hearing anything I’m saying?
Luke: His birthday’s October 20th. He’s a Libra.
Zoe: This makes sense. Venus is in retrograde.
Luke: What does that mean?
Noah: I don’t care what that means.
Luke: Well, I do.
Zoe: Things are, um, a little troubled right now, but it’s gonna start lightening up.
Luke: When?
Zoe: Soon.
Luke: How soon?

Noah: No, I don’t lighten up, get that? Not about my feelings, not about my boyfriend, not about anything that matters to me.

Zac: It’s because of us that you two are mad at each other.
Zoe: So it’s only right that we get you two back together.
Zac and Zoe: Kiss and make up. Kiss and make up.
Noah: Would you guys stop?
Zoe: Make us!
Zac and Zoe: Kiss and make up. Kiss and make up. Kiss and make up.
Noah: There. Satisfied?
Luke: No. I’m sorry.
Noah: I’m sorry, too.
Zoe: Let’s get out of here, Z, and give these boys some privacy.
Zac: I’m with you, Z.
Noah: Hey, Zac, Zoe. What happened this afternoon –
Zoe: Uncool.
Zac: No more pranks. At least without prior approval.
Zoe:We swear by the mark of Z.

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April 13, 2009

Luke: I found us a movie we’ll both like.
Noah: Not “Mamma Mia!” Again.
Luke: Ha ha. It’s the new “Batman.”
Noah: But you saw it.
Luke: Yeah, but you didn’t, and you said you wanted to.
Noah: You are the best.
Luke: I know. You keep that up, we might not be watching a movie tonight.
Noah: Sounds good to me.

Zac: Just so you know, your boyfriend is totally incorruptible.

Noah: Don’t you think it’s weird the way Zac and Zoe were hitting on us? It’s like they decided beforehand who was gonna be into who.
Luke: Maybe they drew straws.
Noah: It’s not funny.

Noah: Ciao, Luciano.

Damian: Noah. I’m an old-fashioned man, as you know and – but I meant it when I said that I was happy Luke has you in his life. The more I see of you, the more grateful I am the two of you found each other.
Noah: Well, we’re – we’re very happy together.

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April 15, 2009

Lily: Noah loves you –
Luke: You know, I don’t want to talk about Noah right now, Mom.
Lily: You’ve got to try to work it out with Noah.
Luke: You know, I would try. Maybe. If I could get a hold of him. I haven’t heard from him since he left here the other night.
Lily: What?
Luke: He won’t return any of my calls, and – I don’t get it. I mean, I didn’t think our fight was that big.

Luke: This isn’t good. This is so unlike Noah. He’s too responsible not to call in.
Zoe: Everybody plays hooky once in a while.
Luke: Not Noah.

Luke: I don’t care about Damian. I care about you. Why are you doing this?
Noah: Please, don’t be mad at me.
Luke: It’s just – you do this all the time. You just leave.
Noah: Damian – he’s your father, your family. I shouldn’t be involved.
Luke: Noah, you’re my family. And I’m yours.

Lily: Noah said he needed space. If you go racing off after him –
Luke: But, Mom, I love him. I can’t lose him.
Lily: You won’t. He will come back to you.
Luke: How do you know?
Lily: Because you are worth coming back to.

Luke: My boyfriend’s going to sleep in a completely different country. It’s not the same thing.
Zoe: You could think of it this way – you have an entire bed to yourself.
Luke: Oh, great.

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April 20, 2009

Luke: I just can’t believe Noah got so mad at me about Damian.
Lily: Well, maybe he’s not mad. Maybe he just wanted to go to the film festival.
Luke: He blew off school, work, this really big paper he has next week.
Lily: You.
Luke: Yeah, and I know that after fights, he likes to take some space, you know, gather his thoughts, but, I mean, Lisbon?
Lily: Well, the trip was right there.
Luke: Yeah, but he only sent me one message. He doesn’t answer my calls or my texts. It just doesn’t seem like he’d be that angry about Damian.
Lily: Maybe it’s not just about that.
Luke: Yeah, but we were totally solid when you and Damian walked in. And the next thing I know, he’s walking away, all the way to Portugal.
Lily: Maybe he’s embarrassed he was so impulsive.
Luke: Noah doesn’t do embarrassed.
Lily: Honey, you’re gonna work it out just as soon as he gets back.

Noah: You can do what you want to me. I’m not lying to Luke.

Zac: I know that you and Luke are like an old married couple. But that’s cool. You know, whatever gets you stoked. But your wife’s not here, dude. He won’t know. I’m like your “get out of jail free” card. Okay, not exactly free, but you know.
Noah: Yeah, I know, and I’m still not interested.

Zoe: You think lover boy really loves you, don’t you?
Noah: I know he does.
Zoe: Well, you’re about to find out just how much.

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April 21, 2009

Luke: Damian kidnapped Noah, mom. That’s all there is to it.
Lily: I don’t think so, Nuke.
Luke: Oh, god. Don’t tell me that you trust him.
Lily: I can’t believe that he would kidnap the love of your life and use him against you.

Luke: I’ll give you the damn money! Just tell me where Noah is!

Luke: Noah! Oh, my god! Are you all right?
Noah: What are you doing here?
Luke: I got your text.
Noah: Look, whatever it said, it’s a trap. You got to get out of here before they come back.
Luke: No, I’m not leaving without you.

Noah: Hey, you really okay? How’s your head?
Luke: Hard, as usual. I’m more worried about you. You were the one stuck here going through hell.
Noah: No, I’m fine. Just a little stiff from being tied up.
Luke: Noah, when I thought you were gone, I – I was going crazy. I missed you so much.
Noah: Me too. Just the worst was knowing how worried you’d be about me. I – I wanted to just tell you that everything was gonna be okay, and I – I couldn’t.
Luke: When I thought you had left, I –
Noah: When – when they made me call you, they told me what to say.
Luke: No, I know.
Noah: I’d never hurt you like that.

Luke: There is nowhere that I would rather be than here with you. We’re in this together.
Noah: I love you.
Luke: I love you, too.

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April 23, 2009

Noah: You see that piece of glass right there by your hand?
Luke: Yeah.
Noah: Give it to me.
Luke: Why?
Noah: Because if only one of us can get out of here, it should be you. You came here on your own. You know where we are. I don’t.
Luke: Yeah, well, I’m not leaving without you, so you better work fast. You know, this would actually be almost kind of fun if we weren’t fighting for our lives.
Noah: It’s always something, right? Maybe we can make it more interesting.
Luke: How so?
Noah: First one who doesn’t cut an artery wins, loser cleans up.
Luke: Oh, you’re disgusting.
Noah: Yet somehow you still love me.
Luke: Somehow.

Luke: No! No. He needs to go to the hospital. He needs a doctor!
Zac: Not my problem!
Luke: Hey, you’re hurting him!

Luke: Noah? Noah? He’s still out. You have to do something. You can’t just let him bleed to death.
Zac: Shut up! I need to think.
Luke: Noah? Noah? Please. I’m so sorry. I am so sorry.

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April 27, 2009

Luke: Noah shouldn’t be here, Zoe. He didn’t do anything! Please, get him to a hospital! I will do whatever you want!

Luke: Noah. Noah. Hey, hey. Wake up. Wake up. Yeah, wake up. Talk to me. Talk to me. Oh, thank god.
Noah: Hey.
Luke: Hey. How are you?
Noah: I can’t move.
Luke: Yeah, it’s ’cause we’re tied up. Zac and Zoe, remember? We’re hostages.
Noah: Oh, yeah.
Luke: Yeah. How are you? Are you okay?
Noah: Uh, yeah, never better.
Luke: No, no, no, no. Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth, baby. Don’t try to be a hero.
Noah: It hurts. It hurts a lot, and it feels like I’m burning up. Is it really hot in here?
Luke: You have a fever from a gunshot wound. It might be infected, but I sent Zoe to get you some medicine. Yeah, it was hard.
Noah: Lucky she has a thing for your dimples. Can’t say I blame her. What’s she want in exchange?
Luke: She just wants the Grimaldi money.
Noah: She’s gonna get that anyway.
Luke: She didn’t mention anything else.
Noah: That’s ’cause they’re gonna kill us afterward.
Luke: No, no. No, they’re not.
Noah: Please don’t lie to me. Not now.
Luke: Noah, why would she go get you that medicine if she was gonna kill us?
Noah: I don’t know.
Luke: We are gonna get out of here, we’re gonna get you to a hospital, and then my dimples are gonna be yours forever.
Noah: That’s good, ’cause I’m pretty sure Zac’s lost interest in mine.
Luke: I love you so much.
Noah: I love you, too. I’m gonna go back to sleep, okay?
Luke: No. Noah, Noah, Noah, don’t. Don’t, please.
Noah: I am. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.
Luke: No! Please, Noah! Please, wake up! Noah!

Luke: Noah. Noah, you have to wake up. I have a question for you. Do you remember that film that we watched a couple nights ago? You know, the one from your film class, the four hours of light on the sears tower? You told me that it was a masterpiece, but I didn’t get it, so you have to explain to me what I missed.
Noah: Film is light.
Luke: Uh-huh.
Noah: It’s the emotional palette of the artist. And it’s used to, um, –
Luke: To what? To what? It’s emotional palette the artist used to what?
Noah: To express his vision.
Luke: Uh-huh.
Noah: And the broader the spectrum, the broader –
Luke: Come on. Hey. Hey, I’m about to fall asleep, too. Come on. I just insulted existential film making. You’re gonna let me get away with it? Noah? Noah, come on!

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April 28, 2009

Lily: How are you feeling? Luke told us what happened.
Noah: I’m fine. Don’t listen to him. He likes to make a fuss about everything.
Luke: You just behave yourself, and let the doctor attend to you.

Luke: Hey, there.
Noah: Hey, there, yourself.
Luke: Listen, I should probably thank you for saving me from a fate worse than death, but next time, please, please don’t try and be a hero.
Noah: I didn’t do that for you. I just couldn’t stand to see the psycho slut with her hands all over my boyfriend.
Luke: I love you.
Noah: I love you, too.

Lily: I see the patient has finally opened his eyes. Is there anything I can get you, Noah?
Noah: You know, a new arm would be great if they have one out there.
Lily: Actually, the doctor says your arm is going to be just fine. You’re a very lucky young man, you know that?
Noah: Yeah, I do.
Lily: Ooh. I think that’s my cue to give you guys some privacy.

Luke: Noah, I can hear you thinking.

Luke: Okay. I should probably get back to Noah.
Damian: He’s a very lucky boy.
Luke: So am I.

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April 30, 2009

Damian: Hello, son. How’s Noah doing?
Luke: He’s better. The doctors say he can be released soon.
Damian: That’s good news. Would it be all right if I stopped in to say hello?
Luke: Actually, he just fell asleep, so maybe later. I was just getting some air.
Damian: You were here all night.
Luke: It’s kind of a hard to leave him. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost him.

Lily: Hi, honey. How’s Emma?
Holden: She’s great. She’s cooking up a storm for Noah. How is he? Did you hear from Luke?
Lily: Yeah. Luke just called. Noah’s doing much better. He should be home soon.

Alison: Hey, Luke. I’m so glad Noah’s feeling better.
Luke: Oh, thank you. So am I, and we have a lot of people to thank, you included.
Alison: Well, actually, Casey and jade helped the most.
Luke: Well, when Noah’s 100%, we are gonna take you all out to celebrate.
Alison: Sounds like a plan.

Damian: So, what do you plan to do when Noah gets out of the hospital?
Luke: What do you mean?
Damian: How will you celebrate?
Luke: I don’t know. It depends on Noah.
Damian: Are you still going ahead with your plans to move in together?
Luke: We’re taking things one day at a time.
Damian: But the two of you are still committed to each other?
Luke: Yep, yep. You know, this is really weird.
Damian: Yeah. Yeah, I understand.

Lucinda: Why are you so happy and smiling?
Luke: ‘Cause Noah’s getting out of the hospital.
Lucinda: We’re all exceedingly happy about that.

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